Past Speakers

Nancy Sanchez

Nancy Sanchez, 2007 Colby College Oak Fellow, has been involved for nearly two decades in human rights work in Putumayo, one of the most conflictive areas of Colombia torn between several fronts of the guerilla group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and paramilitary forces as well as on the effects of narco-trafficking on the Colombian economy.

The Oak Institute for the Study of International Human Rights at Colby College was established in 1998 by a generous grant from the Oak Foundation. Each year, it hosts an Oak Human Rights Fellow to teach and conduct research while residing at the College. The Institute organizes lectures and other events centered around the fellow’s area of expertise.


Andrew Meldrum

Andrew Meldrum, a Nieman Fellow (born 1952) is an American reporter and journalist. He was The Economist magazine and the The Guardian newspaper correspondent in Zimbabwe from 1980 to May 2003 before being expelled by the Zimbabwean government for allegedly “publishing a falsehood”.

Meldrum graduated from Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont, United States. He is a holder of a Masters degree from Columbia University School of Journalism.

In 2004 Meldrum won the Schork Award for “courageous international journalism” from Columbia University. In his career and stay in Zimbabwe, he wrote a book called Where We Have Hope: A Memoir of Zimbabwe which talks about his 23 years stay. He will discuss the current situation in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Amb. Thomas Boyatt,

Thomas Boyatt, US Ambassador to Colombia 1980-1983, US Ambassador to Burkina Faso 1978-80

Corine Lesnes

Corine Lesnes, Washington Bureau Chief for “Le Monde” French daily newspaper

Amb. Clark Randt,

Amb. Sandy Randt, US Ambassador to China

Chris Hall,

Chris Hall, former Dem. State Senator from Lincoln County, ME and one of the founders of American University in Bosnia

Milton Bearden,

Milton Bearden, CIA Station Chief in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Philip Giraldi

Philip Giraldi, former CIA officer, is a partner in Cannistraro Associates, an international security consultancy

Nieman Weekend

Nieman Weekend. Hosting Journalists from Namibia, China, Costa Rica, The Gambia, Morocco, Colombia, Malawi, Finland, Germany, UK, Vietnam, South Korea

Paul Mayewski

Paul Mayewski, PhD, Professor at University of Maine

Amb. Peter Galbraith

Amb. Peter Galbraith, first American ambassador to Croatia

Rick McDowell and Mary Trotochaud

Mary Trotochaud first traveled to Iraq with a U.S. religious leadership delegation. In March 2003, Mary joined the international staff of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) as Iraq Country Representative. Living in a Baghdad residential neighborhood, she worked with emerging Iraqi civil society organizations while coordinating relief and development projects for AFSC. Mary has also worked as a policy advocate on Capitol Hill and throughout Iraq. Mary continues to write for AFSC and facilitate projects in Iraq.
Rick McDowell

Rick McDowell has been involved in Middle East-related issues since 1988. Between August 1996 and December 2002, Rick led or accompanied fifteen delegations to Iraq, including a Fellowship of Reconciliation delegation of Nobel Peace Laureates and an AFSC/Quaker delegation. He has worked with AFSC as an Iraq Country Representative, and with FCNL as a policy advocate. Rick continues to write for AFSC and facilitate projects in Iraq while maintaining contact with Iraqi friends and associates in Baghdad and throughout Iraq and the Diaspora.

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